2024 Suzuki Swift Mild Hybrid Tech Explained

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2024 Suzuki Swift mild hybrid

Have you been looking for a fuel-efficient and budget-friendly compact car? Then you must be excited to learn about the all-new 2024 Suzuki Swift, which just debuted with some impressive hybrid technology. As a 25-year veteran of writing about automobiles, I wanted to share my insights on this new model and its mild hybrid system.

New Three-Cylinder Engine

Suzuki has developed an all-new three-cylinder petrol engine for the Swift that offers better torque and fuel efficiency than before. Rated at 82 horsepower with 112 Newton-meters of torque at 4,500 rpm, Suzuki claims acceleration from 0-60 mph is improved by 5% for the manual and CVT models. Some key upgrades include utilizing variable valve timing and increasing exhaust gas recirculation to boost efficiency.

Details of the Mild Hybrid System

The 12-volt mild hybrid system is a compact and lightweight unit that incorporates an integrated starter generator (ISG). The ISG acts as both a generator and starter motor to assist the engine during acceleration and generate electricity through regenerative braking. With an output of 2.3 kilowatts and torque of 60 Newton-meters, it improves energy recovery while adding under 7 kilograms to the car’s weight.

How the Self-Charging Hybrid System Works

A crucial part of the mild hybrid system is the 10Ah lithium-ion battery, which helps power the ISG unit. During braking or deceleration, the ISG functions as a generator to recharge the battery through regenerative braking. Then when you accelerate from a stop, the ISG kicks in as an electric motor to give the engine an extra boost. This assists acceleration and makes the Swift feel slightly more responsive.

Real-World Benefits of the Mild Hybrid Powertrain

The big advantages are increased fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Suzuki rates the new Swift’s hybrid powertrain as delivering 5% better fuel economy and a corresponding emissions reduction. From my experience testing other mild hybrids, real-world drivers typically see even larger gains, especially in stop-and-go city driving. The extra electric assist also gives the Swift’s 3-cylinder a bit more vigor off the line.

Swift’s Styling Gets a Sleek Overhaul

In addition to the hybrid tech under the hood, the 2024 Suzuki Swift received an exterior redesign that brings it into the modern era. Its sleek sculpted body has a coupé-like fastback roofline for a more aggressive stance. Sweptback headlights, angled creases on the hood, and stepped rear give it a wind-cheating shape. Inside, the dashboard received an update with a larger 9-inch infotainment touchscreen. Materials quality seems to have improved as well.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Safety

Suzuki is keeping the Swift on the leading edge of safety tech by equipping it with the latest driver assistance and collision avoidance systems. Standard features include forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning, and auto high beam headlights. You also get blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and hill hold and descent control. With these driver aids, the Swift should perform well in crash tests and provide reassurance on the road.

Strong Value and Efficiency in a Fun-to-Drive Package

After seeing the improvements to the powertrain, styling, technology and driver aids on the 2024 Suzuki Swift, it’s clear this is an excellent small car package. With its smooth and torquey 3-cylinder, mild hybrid assist for perkier acceleration, average fuel economy ratings of over 45 mpg, and a projected lower starting price than most competitors, the Swift should strongly appeal to both first-time buyers and urban commuters. Its nimble handling and fun-to-drive character have always been a plus as well. For those shopping in this practical-yet-fun segment, the new Swift should definitely be on the test drive list.


In summary, Suzuki has hit all the right notes with this refreshed Swift. The new mild hybrid system undoubtedly enhances the driving experience while cutting fuel costs and emissions. Its sleek redesign inside and out keeps it looking modern. Plus, the ample technology and safety features ease daily commutes. For anyone seeking an affordable yet efficient compact car, the 2024 Suzuki Swift with its innovative mild hybrid tech deserves serious consideration. Be sure to check one out at your local Suzuki dealership soon.

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