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Now the LinkedIn got rebuked by China Government, know the reason behind this



LinkedIn, a professional networking site by Microsoft is very popular in India. Around last year April, it had nearly 42 million users in India. But not only India, LinkedIn has its fields in various countries. But now it seems that LinkedIn is in hot water in Xi Jinping country.

Why so?

Recently, according to different reports China’s internet regulator has rebuked LinkedIn officials because China thinks LinkedIn is failing to control political content among users. LinkedIn censors the posts made by million china users but still this lone major American social network site for professionals got threatened by China Government.

The internet regulator of China said that it had found objectionable contents circulating in the period around an annual meeting of China’s lawmakers. So now China Government is now requiring LinkedIn to perform a self evaluation and submit a report to the regulator.

Besides, for 30 days there will ne no new sign up process on LinkedIn. So, last week LinkedIn said it is now pausing new member registration in China as the company works to ensure that it abides the local law.

China is known to censor domestic internet usage and violate the freedom of speech. It actively blocks any website or links or any content that go against the communist party in name of the sophisticated censorship called the Great Firewall.

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