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What happened at Nandigram with Mamata? A detailed analysis on yesterday’s fiasco



mamata banerjee attack in nandigram

NANDIGRAM: As the assembly election in West Bengal is knocking the door, the temperature of political ground is going high. The recent incident which shook the whole state is now raising so many questions. Mamata Banerjee’s epic accident or getting attacked is now gaining the whole attention.

What happened yesterday

Yesterday was the date to submit nomination form from Nandigram Constituency. Mamata Banerjee submitted her nomination and later that evening suddenly she seemed in trouble and accused that some 4 to 5 people pushed her and she got badly injured. She indirectly and her fellow party members directly pointed fingers towards BJP.

What BJP said

But BJP claimed that they have nothing to do with this mishaps. Mamata Banerjee previously did this victim card playing. She now knows that she will face defeat at Nandigram. So she is pretending to get hurt so that people show sympathy to her.

What eye witnesses said

Eye witnesses of Nandigram are clearly saying that Nobody pushed Mamata Banerjee. She was doing her public relation work sitting on the front seat of the car. The front side door of the car was open. The door got bumped in a post and hit back on Mamata Banerjee’s leg. They were offended as Mamata blamed on Nandigram’s people.

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Present Scene

At present, her left leg had been plastered as hairline crack was there. She also has chest pain. But she said she will do her publicity work sitting on wheelchair.

Bjp’s question

BJP leaders are now asking one question that she is the CM of our state. She gets Z+ category security then how did this happen? Then TMC must admit that it is the present scenario of women safety in Bengal where CM herself is getting hurt.