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Here is why TMC is facing this much member loss just before assembly election in West Bengal



Since few months, a huge number of people have been leaving TMC. From ministers to MLA or MP, everyone is now eager to join BJP. It seems a red flag to the present ruling party of West Bengal. Those who left TMC earlier had said that they were feeling suffocated in party and after TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee announced the candidates list, many got offended as they didn’t get ticket to contest the election.

On Monday, prominent TMC members like Rabindranath Bhattacharya, Sarala Murmu, Sonali Guha, Jatu Lahiri, Dipendu Biswas left TMC and joined BJP. Sarala Murmu got ticket this year from Habibpur in Malda district. But she also left TMC. So not getting ticket is not the only reason to abandon TMC. There are some other factors too. Let’s know about these.

Rabindranath Bhattacharya told to Media that, TMC did not show minimum respect to tell him that he is not getting the ticket this year.

Same incident happened with Sonali Guha. She also told that nobody from the party informed her that she is not getting the ticket this year. She expected a call from Mamata Banerjee but she got nothing. She wants respect not the ticket that is why she joined BJP as per her say.

Dipendu Biswas won the last election and has been doing development work since five years but in this year why Mamata rejected him he did not know.

Sarala Murmu got ticket from Habibpur but she wanted to contest from Malda centre. But her plea had been rejected, she later rejected the ticket of Habibpur seat and left the party.

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All the people who are leaving TMC are feeling uncared and unheard. They demanded respect but got only humiliation. So now they joined BJP to gain the respect the lost.