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Zomato Case: Now Hitesha Chandranee says she wouldn’t risk her life! What happened?



We all are aware of Hitesha Chandranee and the Zomato Delivery executive case as this news has been roaming around on timeline since few days. At first, according to Hitesha’s statement everyone found the delivery executive guilty but later it changed as the executive’s narration was saying something else.

In this mean time, many celebrities including Parineeti Chopra and other common people had extended their hands of support to the Zomato delivery executive. Now Hitesha said She got hurt by this.

Recently, she has released a statement on her Instagram page and claimed that she is worried about her safety in Bengaluru. Also she said “the posts made by certain celebrities accusing me of being responsible for the incident have hurt me immensely as these are the people I look upto.”

Here’s what Hitesha said in her statement:

“Since the incident occurred, I have been harassed, abused and my life has been threatened. I have kept my silence as anything I say gets twisted. I do not have any PR agency to support or back me. I have had to take medical treatment for my nose which was fractured due to the incident. I have received many calls from various people using repulsive and threatening words against me. They have threatened my life and have even threatened to harm my family. I am being assaulted online in all platforms, be it email, WhatsApp, youtube, instagram in addition to regular calls and messages.

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Online narratives say that I asked for free food, but it was Zomato which had an offer that they would not charge me, if the food was delivered late. People unconnected with the incident have been commenting without knowing the ramifications their words might cause. The posts made by certain celebrities which accuse me of being responsible for the incident have hurt me immensely as these are the people I look upto. The comments of such people have an impact.

There have been many attempts made through social media to pressurize me to withdraw the complaint. I am a law abiding citizen of India who firmly believes in the judiciary. I have been cooperating with the police and have not left Bengaluru as spread by various quarters. Bengaluru is home for me. I just wanted to share the incident but instead, my words have been further twisted. I live by myself in Bengaluru and the past few days have been very difficult for me and I am worried about my safety. A neutral probe by the investigative agencies will bring out the truth and I look forward to it.

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I would not risk my life, reputation, respect and peace of mind by orchestrating anything as attributed to me. I appeal to all netizens not to express any opinion till the trial is completed by the appropriate legal forum.”

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